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BF/F Series Pumps OMAC
Products: Hits: 847BF/F Series Pumps OMAC 
Brand: oMAC
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Updated: 2018-03-08 13:44
Developed from the successful existing range of OMAC “B” series pumps, the new series “BF” pumps retain the principles of performance, solidity and reliability and incorporate a new design which enables easier cleaning of the externals and AISI 304 gearbox. All product wetted parts are in AISI 316L with ferrite content of less than 3%. The cover is smooth with a new gasket and the rotors offer the option of either in built fixing nuts or external fixing without nuts for F series. The pump body is press-forged and has integral non welded Tri clamp or DIN11864-3 connections. Elimination of slots ensures easy C.I.P. cleaning with no cleaning fluid retention. F series (without nuts on rotors) has obtained, after Cleanability Tests at München Engineering University, EHEDG’S certification (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) show that this kind of pump meets all requirement for hygienic design and is to be classified as “easy cleanable”. The new series “BF” lobe pumps will have all elastomers in either F.D.A. approved, and incorporate new mechanical seals with bigger and self-draining slots to enable trough cleaning and also avoids the retention of potentially dangerous cleaning fluids. Standard internal finish of the pump will be 0.8 – 2.8 micron RA with the option of mechanical polishing 0.8 µ RA finish or electropolished and manual polished less than 0.6 micron RA. To further enhance the modular structure and design of the new series “BF” pumps, all options for the existing series “B” pumps will be available for the new series “BF” pumps also.