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For Hygienic Processes
Products: Hits: 740For Hygienic Processes 
Brand: Lutz
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Updated: 2018-03-08 13:44

Hygienic, gentle and safe operational processes are top priorities in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industry. All appliances used for these applications meet the latest directives and overcome the challenge of gentle pumping with a design free of bacteria traps. The design of the new Lutz B70V Sanitary eccentric screw pumps ensures reliability with low maintenance and full
manual cleaning.

For the food, pharma and cosmetic industry
Hygienic Design according to the latest 3-A standards 
For sheer sensitive and solid-containing fluids 
Thread free, manually detachable connections in contact with the medium 
Fast to dismantle, easy to clean
All construction elements are easily accessible for inspection and service